About Us

Our extensive experience covers a wide range of industries and challenges.

Flexi-Scale Equipments & Services Sdn Bhd is a leading engineering company located in Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been offering top-quality engineering services including Filling Systems, Palletizer and Wrapping Machines.

Flexi-Scale has expanded its services to provide comprehensive engineering solutions. This includes engineering, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance, inspection and repair, machine overhaul, as well as automation and instrumentation modification.




Project Management

We offer comprehensive business solutions.

Our team of highly qualified professionals is available to assist you.

Our team of skilled and professional staff has earned a reputation as industry experts and reliable solution providers in the engineering sector of the petrochemical industry.

Flexi-Scale is proud to have established partnerships with renowned high reputation European brands such as AVENTUS GmbH and Moellers Packaging Technology GmbH. With our wide range of services, dynamic and expert team, Flexi-Scale is a trusted choice in the Packaging Engineering industry for supporting the growth and development of the country’s and delivery the best services locally and internationally. 

Furthermore, we have involved a wide range of projects in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe region for a diverse group of customers in various Petrochemical industries.

Flexi-Scale will continue to develop more young talented technical skills workforces and to expose them in “Transfer Technology” together with our high enthusiasm OEM and business partner to cater our nation requirements.