Goals & Objectives

  • KPI
  • Know-How
  • Safety
  • Provider
  • Magnetism
  • Supplier
  • Know-How KHOW-HOW
  • Safety SAFETY
  • Provider PROVIDER
  • Magnetism MAGNETISM
  • Supplier SUPPLIER

1. Index Performance Key (KPI)

To meet Customer’s requirement and achieve their Index Performance Key (KPI) on each project awarded.

2. Know-How

To share the “Know-How” of the Process System and equipment with comprehensive support to the customers in the petrochemical business particularly, and primarily to Malaysia’s engineering industry.

3. Safety

To put Safety as our priority in every task and Our Choice of working culture.

4. Best Solution Provider & Resources

To be the Best Solution Provider and Resources for the automation and control engineering design.

5. Centre of Excellence In Magnetism

To be a Center of Excellence In Magnetism, by increasing the level of any forms of metal separation and detection to improve product purity in various industries and for the overall well-being of human kind.

6. Leading Local Supplier and Agency

To be the Leading Local Supplier and Agency in providing services and technological resources for optimum system performance and reliability on Design & Process Engineering.


Flexi-Scale Main Office

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