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Wrapping Machines


Global expertise demonstrates that the safety of the pallet from the Packaging Technology that we offer protects goods optimally. For this – depending on the product, sector, and capacity – stretch-hooder technology, shrink-wrap technology, and stretch-film wrapping technology are available. A combination machine is recommended in confined spaces.

Achieve Maximum Efficiency with Our Automatic Wrapping System

Our Packaging Technology utilizes the latest in automation to ensure the safest possible transport for your goods. In addition to protecting your products, this technology also helps to lower packaging costs and conserve materials and energy. As a trusted supplier of these advanced packaging machines and systems, we prioritize sustainability in all of our solutions and have a proven track record of delivering reliable, fully automated processes. Choose our Packaging Technology for the best results.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Wrapping Options for Safe Transport

Our Packaging Technology offers various advanced wrapping options, including stretch-hood, shrink machines, and stretch-film wrapping technology, to protect goods during transport and ensure their safe arrival at their destination.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At our company, we prioritize sustainability in all of our packaging solutions. Our automatic wrapping system uses the latest automation technology to lower packaging costs and conserve materials and energy. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable, fully automated processes that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

The Advantages

  • One-stop shop for all of your packaging needs
  • Our shipping units prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental compatibility
  • Exceptional performance and quality
  • Reliable system availability
  • Proven process reliability
  • Comprehensive service and support

The Perfect Packaging Solution for Any Challenge

Our Packaging Technology has been extensively tested and proven by experts to provide the highest level of protection for transporting goods with or without pallets. Based on the specific needs of your product, industry, and capacity, we offer a range of advanced options including stretch-hood technology, shrink machines, and film stretch-wrap technology. In cases where space is limited, we recommend utilizing a combination machine for the most effective solution.

Secure Your Products with Our Wrapping Systems

Our high-capacity wrapping machines are designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers by providing comprehensive load security. We understand the challenges of ensuring secure, global transport of bags with bulk materials and other load units, whether by ship in a container, by rail, by truck, or in intermediate storage. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of your products to their destination, and we have the expertise to carefully consider all necessary factors during the wrapping process.

Advanced Wrapping Technology for Optimal Security and Efficiency

We are constantly looking to the future and working with leading film manufacturers to develop tested shipping units that prioritize security, efficiency, and environmental compatibility. Based on this, we are able to provide recommendations on the optimal film for each specific product and verify proper film application through our expertise. 

Trust our advanced wrapping technology to ensure the utmost protection and efficiency for your products.